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15.10.05 - "Сircles" - secrets of rural rugs crocheting


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tablet weaving
art felt
traditional cloth doll
bobbin lace

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If these techniques are strange to you, you can learn more about on this page


Knitting is one of most ancient textile technique. Knitting was known everywhere people can spin a wool.
Knitting has passed a long way from homespun viking footgear to beautiful knitted things made by modern designer.
Knitting is a favorite needlework of women all over the world. It's no wonder - knitting is very pleasant work, knitting gives us unusual things, knitting brings a warmth to a home.
Knitting has not open all it's possibilities yet. Knitting invents new and new ways to make unusual things.
Knitting gives free play to designer's fantasy and to knitter's skill.
So, knitting.

On this page you can see the things fulfilled in rare techniques, such as mitres, the Irish lace and also beautiful things made in the traditional way.

rare needleworks

Sprang, felt, lace, weaving... Are you familiar with those needleworks? Look at unusual combination of ancient needlework manner and modern design in the exhibited collections.


Do you want to try a new for you kind of needlework? Welcome to our workshop. You can easy learn those rare techniques our collections are fulfilled in with the help of our lessons.

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